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Coaching is a powerful relationship for people making important changes in their lives. 

Laura Whitworth

Guaranteeing Your Growth & Development

In terms of making progress in your personal or professional life, if you are standing still, the reality is you are going backwards.


Simply because everyone else, your competition, is already investing in the knowledge and skills they need for tomorrow. 

What do you want to focus on?

Graham Norris - Action Change

Not really sure what you are really looking for?

Action Change

The work that I do?

My purpose

I help aspiring and existing leaders and managers develop the critical knowledge and skills necessary to manage their career path in a way that successfully meets their intentions and aspirations.

My ‘why’: 

I have the following beliefs:

  • That everyone has potential they don’t realise or use to the full.

  • A proactive approach is necessary to fulfil this potential: luck, chance or serendipity are not enough.

  • People are conditioned to think that they (other people) are responsible. In reality, ‘they’ don’t exist; helping leaders and managers understand this notion will help them grow, become responsible for their own success, and then achieve the growth, promotion and status they seek.

What kind of person works with me?

Professionals who:

  • Are committed to personal self growth

  • Are genuinely committed to learning and continuous improvement

  • Have a positive, growth mindset

  • Are open to new ideas and new possibilities

  • Want to move on and develop

  • Are ambitious and driven

Action Change

Who do I work with?

Professional leaders and managers who:

Are frustrated at not making the impact at work that they want to.
Do not feel they are being respected for what they can do, or are capable of doing.
Do not feel they ever get on top of the work, but feel the work always gets on top of them.
Realise that their current work is too simple, and is no longer a real challenge
Are not managing the stress and anxiety associated with taking on bigger challenges.
Are not getting enough exposure to senior staff who could influence their promotion
Are finding the lack of progress is impacting on the growth of their confidence.
Are beginning to lose the belief that they are good enough to be promoted.
Recognise that they are starting to lose motivation. 
Feel that time and the opportunities for progression are slipping by.

Anchor 1

How does the development process work?

You learn about and engage in the process of communication flow.

As a result, we will work together to produce a Bullet Proof Strategy, which involves:

1. A Deep Dive in order to build a solid foundation of understanding.

  • ​Achieving absolute clarity about the issues you face

  • Ensuring you face up to the reality of your situation

  • Uncovering the depth and breadth of the talent within you and what is really on offer

2. The design of a road map, with milestones which gets you to where were you want to be. It will be:

  • Personalized

  • Specific to your individual wants, and what the process recognises as your needs

3. The necessary support and accountability to ensure you actually:

  • Change the way you show up at the office​

  • Change the way you communicate about your role at work

  • Create a persona that is the ‘go to’ person in the office

Action Change
Action Change

What will the outcomes be?

The outcome of this personalised programme of learning will be to provide you with solutions to tackle the issues you have been experiencing.  By following the programme’s structure, you will:

  • Regain your energy and commitment

  • Build your self belief

  • Gain the respect of their peers and line manager

  • Feel more confident about your peer and stakeholder relationships

  • Increase your chances of being given challenging, high profile tasks that you are capable of completing

  • Continue to take on specific areas of development that will enhance your promotion prospects

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