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Team Development

Team Development

If you are a manager from any kind of commercial, service or not for profit environment, with responsibilities for managing a team of people, you may well be working within a number of different scenarios:

  • An organisational restructuring that will affect the nature of your work

  • Achieving the same targets, but with fewer staff and less budget

  • Coping with changes to work priorities

  • Having to take on more responsibilities and tasks with the same team

  • Being given new areas of work for which you are now accountable

  • Taking on new staff as your organisation moves forward and develops

Team Development
Team Development

In terms of actually managing your team, you may:

  • Have an established team, but a member has left or another person has or will join soon

  • Be trying to meet the needs of new staff members who have recently become part the team

  • Have an existing team that have been together for some time, and you recognise that their performance needs to improve

  • Recognise there are issues associated with the efficiency of the way your team completes its tasks

  • Need to improve the ‘strained’ working relationships between some or all of the team members

All of which means you are trying to meet many different and potentially conflicting needs:

Getting the best out of your staff team is not something that should be left to chance. It takes time, commitment and the right kind of development support to get your team to perform consistently at the right level. The normal ‘recognised’ approach is to go on a team building day, but there are several options that you could choose from.

  • A team building event

  • A team development programme

  • Team coaching

​Team building , team development and team coaching are all different in their purpose; despite the fact that any ‘training’ event associated with groups of people in a paid work or a voluntary environment is usually called ‘team building’.

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